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What makes a well-fitting suit? Can you find it off the rack? Generally, we say no, but stay tuned on that… Allow us to challenge your perception of not only what a proper fitting suit looks like, but what happens to you when you put it on. The Soren Custom suit is unlike anything else in your closet. Our customized 27 measurements guarantee it. But more importantly, it’s how a Soren Custom suit makes you feel – confident, taller, thinner, in control – a better version of yourself. We invite you to experience the Soren Custom suit.

custom suit tailoring style


Here is the real deal. Soren Custom Style is not just about our amazing 1,000+ fabrics, beautiful threading, original buttons or mind-blowing linings. It’s about you and your relationship to yourself. Fashion is in the clothes. Soren Custom Style is in the wearer. Every Soren Custom man has an opportunity to express his visual style vocabulary in our suit. Where that style journey takes you is what makes it a fascinating and eye-opening experience. The Soren Custom Style is distinctive. It’s individual. It’s you, only better.

high quality bespoke suits


The finest suiting fabrics? Absolutely. Working “surgeon cuffs”? Non-negotiable. Reinforced jacket buttons? We understand what a suit goes through in the course of a day, so yes, that too. Acute attention to detail is where Soren Custom quality begins. Look closely at the Soren Custom suit. Follow the pick-stitching with your eye – see where it begins and ends. That’s standard too. Glue? Glue belongs with the school supplies, not in your suit. So we use canvas construction in every suit. This is Soren Custom quality.