About The Team

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There was a time in the not so distant past when men were men. A cursory glance at a fellow, his comportment and choice of attire would quickly affirm whether that man was, in fact, a man. Soren Custom is all about the man. We are unequivocally, unabashedly and unapologetically men. However, this does not mean we are onside with the machismo, “raining dollas” persona you see in the media. That is not a man. That is a cartoon character. A man says thank you, holds the door for a lady and walks with purpose. A man has fire in his eyes, a love for life in his bones and maybe a little scotch in his belly. This is the man that the Soren Custom suit was conceived and ultimately created for: the man who is ready to express who he is through the beautiful and varied vocabulary that is his style. Because a Soren Custom Man is not defined by his suit – the suit is defined by the man.

This is our personal invitation to you:

Ditch the non-fat latte and drop the Swiss exercise ball.

Try on our suit. Look at yourself in the mirror and begin to tap into what we feel is at the core of every man: Purpose. Resolve. Strength. Confidence.

Or don’t. Either way just make a decision.

That’s what men do.