style consulting

You bring home your new Soren Custom suit and open your closet. You look at your suit. You look at your clothes. You look at your suit again. That song from that 70’s kids show is ringing in your head: “One of these kids is doing his own thing…”.  It’s time to rethink that wardrobe, hence our personalized styling and shopping services. Your questions are probably a combination of:

  • “How do I combine my new suit with a pair of jeans?”
  • “How do I put together an after work look?”
  • “Maybe I should ask my other half…?”

We love our wives, girlfriends and moms. But here’s a newsflash: Only men wear men’s clothes. Shop with a man. Soren Custom is all about the man, the dude, the guy.

We are men. We can help.

Which option is right for you?


Two Hours of Personal Shopping

You just purchased Soren Custom suits, jackets or shirts and you want to rock it on casual Fridays and weekends. You have the basics but a few questions still remain. Where do I start? How do I combine the choices? Let’s go shopping and pull together the looks you have dancing in your head (and on your Instagram). In two hours we’ll find the right items based on your budget and most importantly, your style.


Five Hours of Personal Shopping

Taking the Quick Hitter to the next level. You want to be armed with a variety of looks that reflect the evolving, fashionable you.  Let’s meet up with a coffee and a plan in hand, because the clothing shops of Toronto await. The best men’s shops and studios in the GTA will be punished (in a good way) by you and your Soren Custom stylist. Five hours later…(fist bump)! You will be stocked to the hilt with a variety of clothing options that work Monday to Sunday, no timestamp required.


Eight Hours of Personal Shopping

Your eyes have been opened.  You’ve seen the light.  However, you look in your closet and it’s dark. It’s time to start from scratch. Let’s do a complete edit by helping you organize and remove everything that’s taking up valuable closet real estate. Once your wardrobe palate has been cleansed with Soren Custom “parsley”, we will get to work on the next course. In those eight hours we will consult, shop and overhaul your wardrobe from A to Z.  Because grooming and personal styling are key to the new you, we’ll take you for the best haircut you’ve ever had.  After the session, email us all your style questions. Better yet, send us some outfit pics so we can collaborate before you go out on Friday night – and yes, we really do mean that.