Custom Made-to-Measure Suits

  • The Soren Custom MTM suit has hundreds of fabrics, linings and button choices.
  • Our consultants live, eat and breathe suits 24/7.
  • We offer endless jacket, vest, pant and style options.
  • Our specialized 22-step measurement process is truly a sartorial experience.
  • We provide style and fit advice for your body, age and lifestyle.
  • The final product with its full canvas (not fused) construction is so nice on the eyes.

Amazing eh? Not really.

Every made-to-measure suit company you know uses the same copy, wording and phrasing to sell their product and describe what makes them oh so amazing.

It’s boring. It’s tiring.

Newsflash. Soren Custom is a made-to-measure suit shop too. So why should you choose us? The real question is what makes Soren Custom better? Sorry. We are not going to answer that question. Would you believe us anyway?

Here is what we will say: Spend an hour with us. We’ll have a nice chat and then you can decide if the Soren Custom MTM suit is the right one for you.

The first suit for the rest of your life - starting at $1500.