Professional Image Consulting

Professional Image Consulting

First impressions are extremely important. For better or for worse your audience will formulate an opinion often before you say a word. You are a superstar but what can ensure that your first impression visually is a positive one? Let us help you understand what you need to do, tweak a few details and arm you with the tools to blow them away as you climb the ranks.


Congratulations. You made it. Time to put on some big boy clothes and start the round of interviews, networking opportunities and meet & greets. It’s time to build your professional wardrobe. Whether you are a new graduate, a young professional, received a job promotion or its career change time, the challenge of title-appropriate dressing remains. Soren Custom can help you navigate these waters and make wise choices.


You lead a team of sales professionals. You are the director of professional development. You are an HR professional. Dressing for success is not optional for your organization. A misstep in appearance, styling and colour combinations can be a game changer. Soren Custom will present how the nuances of style, colour psychology and image can contribute to the bottom-line success of your business.


Soren Custom sells suits but more importantly we sell an experience. Organizations and business professionals that focus solely on the product that comes off the “assembly line” miss out on the key ingredients of true customer engagement, influence and retention. Our made-to-measure suit experience and process is one-of-a-kind. Our customers appreciate how what we do translates to their businesses, professions and organizations. We are invited into their boardrooms to present the Soren Custom experience.

We would be pleased to meet and discuss what we can do for you.