Wedding Suits

custom suits for weddings


When does a man truly become the best version of himself? That’s easy. On his wedding day. According to and the US Association of Bridal Consultants, the average price of a 2014 wedding is $28,082. Ouch. Ladies, we get it, this is your day. It is all about the bride and it should not be any other way. Our only question is: “Can the groom please get some love?” The finest way to do this is to suit him up in Soren Custom suit. A used polyester tuxedo with matching cummerbund and seven-inch hem is not how you envision your future husband at the end of the aisle is it? We don’t either.


We take the responsibility of making you into a Soren Custom Groom very seriously. If your wedding is the first foray into custom suiting, don’t worry. We have you covered. We will walk you and your fiancée through choices that will complement the wedding colour theme and take you on a wild ride to create a look that is 100% unequivocally you. After all, you are getting married today. Make this the first suit of the rest of your life.


They are your boys. The good times shared were epic. The memories, laughs and stories will never be forgotten. You couldn’t imagine anybody else standing with and for you. You want them to look as “boss” as possible and a suit with the style, flair and fit of Soren Custom makes everything feel just right. There are few things that say “eye-candy” as a row of handsome men in custom fitted suits. Right ladies? We will show you and your fiancée why suiting the groomsmen in Soren Custom is the right choice for your special day.


There are multiple options and choices when it comes to groom and groomsmen attire for your special day. Give us a shout. Come to our studio with fabric swatches, photographs and questions in tow. Have a seat. Relax. Can we make you an espresso, cappuccino, or a little “something-something”? In less than an hour we will walk you through our groom and groomsmen packages and even show you some looks that will suit your big day. Time well spent.