Do You Believe in MAGIC? We do.

Abracadabra! Wow. That’s magic!

Today, however the #4guys of Soren Custom want to talk about a different kind of magic that has nothing to do with rabbits being pulled out of hats, lovely ladies seemingly being sawed in half or slight of hand with a stack of cards.

The magic “show” we refer to has a storied history that goes back to 1933. This annual trade show was inaugurated as the Men’s Apparel Guild in California (MAGIC) and the Boys Apparel Guild in California.

Today, if you know anything about fashion you know that the annual MAGIC show is the mecca of international fashion. Twice a year 60,000+ industry insiders convene and drink up all things fashion related.

Did you attend this past August16-19 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada? We did and it exceeded our expectations. This is truly a global event and if one wants to be in the “know” this is the place to be. It is our goal to continue to provide you with best. The best textiles. The best accessories. The best shirting fabrics.


Our time spent at MAGIC will enable the #4guys to do this very thing. While China continues to be the dominant global leader in supplying North America with textiles and apparel, other countries including a few in our “backyard” are making their impact felt.

Soren Custom has long recognized that there are several opportunities to source textiles, apparel and technology closer to home, especially under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), and the Haiti HELP and Hope Acts. This is why it is company policy to attend this event yearly.

It is simply a must.

What does this mean for you? It means a lot. We are evolving with the global markets to ensure that when you enter our studio we are offering you the very best our industry has in terms of product, quality and value.

As we close off 2015, we are super excited with what we have in store for you in 2016 and beyond.

Dress well my friend.